62 Phantom Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Cadets                            Excellere Contende - Strive for Excellence

Other Volunteers

We Need Volunteers!

The following is a list of volunteer activities the Squadron requires from time to time:


Drivers as required for Squadron activities when other means such as buses are not appropriate.

Fundraiser Team

Fundraisers, soliciting donations, and applying for grants are essential to keep our Squadron going. Volunteers are needed to organize, administer and oversee these very important activities.

For various functions such as dances, parents are appreciated as chaperons. This does not require an individual to stay for the entire function but rather to take a "shift".

Selection Board Interviewers
Interviews are held in January to prepare those cadets who have applied for summer scholarship programs. Interviewers are provided with the questions and answers, and help the cadets to improve on their interview skills.


Sub-Committees are established from time to undertake specific tasks or projects and assist in the regular functioning of the Squadron Support Committee. Parents are encouraged to participate in the various sub-committees that may interest them.